For Health Care Providers
Who Prefer a Personal Approach

When it comes to providing healthcare, the playing field simply isn't level for the thousands of small- and mid sized providers when compared to the mega health systems. We understand attracting and retaining talent is more challenging each year and that budgets are limited. That’s why we offer a dedicated and experienced healthcare team — to help you make the most of your retirement plan benefits.

Experience matters

  • We serve health care organizations with plan assets from $3 million to over $2 billion
  • The companies of OneAmerica have served health care providers for 55+ years
  • As a mutual organization, we serve our clients like you — not shareholders
  • We are a national, top-10 health care retirement services provider1
  • We are widely recognized for our service excellence. Read here about the honors we’ve garnered from multiple organizations

Plan management made simpler

Administering multiple retirement plans shouldn’t mean more work for you, or more complexity for your employees. SingleLinkSM by OneAmerica means:

  • You can manage multiple plans on a single website — with a single login
  • A single investment lineup across plans, if desired, makes fund evaluation and changes easier
  • A single contribution remittance and one census, help eliminate duplicate processing
  • A single call gets the answers you need because we service all our plan types on one team
  • Participants enroll once, use one website, receive a single statement mailing and benefit from a simpler end-to-end experience

We appoint dedicated teams to serve health care organizations

  • Health care practice leaders - Knowledgeable leaders in health care work directly with sponsors and advisors during the evaluation phase.
  • Experienced plan design team -Our team has more than 23 years average tenure. We customize plan designs for every client we serve.
  • Plan document team -Our team meticulously evaluates and (if necessary) amends existing plan documents as part of our customized care approach.
  • Compliance consultation -Our compliance services team and attorneys gladly counsel our clients, whether joining in a call with them and their advisor or helping them prepare for meetings with their outside counsel.
  • Service team - Average Tenure
    Relationship Managers – 24 years
    Plan Managers – 15 years
    Transition Team – 25 years

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40% of our business is health care and not-for-profit

Our plan transition team earns a 9.7/10 satisfaction score from new clients2

Plan types we support include: 403(b), 401(k), 401(a), 457, ESOP, Defined Benefit, Non-qualified3

Our plan investment options

  1. Provide access to well-known funds
  2. Because we don’t build or manage our mutual funds, there are no conflicts or requirements to use them
  3. OneAmerica will never contact your employees regarding supplementary offerings outside of the service agreement with you and your advisor

Participant experience

Whether they’re fresh out of school, taking the next step in their career, or actively making retirement preparations, we’re here to help them get on track and stay there. Our MyTrack® educational philosophy focuses on the individual journeys participants take to become more financially confident and ultimately retirement ready. We do this through education, personalization and relationships.

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Your OneAmerica Representatives

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