How We Support You and Your Clients

From innovative product solutions to thought leadership, OneAmerica provides holistic solutions for you and the plan sponsors and plan participants you support.

MyTrack® Participant Financial Wellness Support

We understand the unique needs of today’s participants. Our financial wellness program engages participants through technology, trusted education, tools, resources and participant centric experiences designed to achieve better retirement outcomes. Aligned with our flexible service approach, we can scale our offering to work alongside the participant support and solutions you may provide. Contact us to learn how we can pioneer financial wellness together.

Our Strategic Financial Wellness Pillars

  • Advisor-aligned integration: We scale our offering to work alongside the support and solutions you provide.
  • Digital led experience: Today’s participants expect it. We couple our digitally-led experiences with relationship focused in-person and virtual support.
  • Personalized: Leveraging data and participant action, we provide experiences designed to motivate change and shift behaviors.
  • Science-backed: Leveraging behavioral science principles and relationships with industry pioneers, we motivate participants to take charge of their financial wellbeing.
  • Customized: Understanding our role, we offer custom participant marketing solutions placing the Plan Sponsor’s brand front and center.

Custom Participant Marketing Solutions

The goal of our employee education program is to inspire action and help plan participants achieve a more secure retirement. We collaborate with you and plan sponsors to incorporate brand, culture and communication methods into customized employee education programs. The result is a program that resonates with participants prompting them to take action.

Interested in learning more about our custom marketing solutions?

Custom Showcase Website

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Our online participant education resources can be found here :

MyTrack Consumer Portal

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Customer Concierge Services

Our advisor-aligned philosophy is foundational in all that we do, including how we support terminated participants.

Through our Customer Concierge Services, we work with advisors to provide quality and timely rollover leads. In 2022, more than $595M in leads were provided to hundreds of advisors, with the top advisor recipient having received more than $50M in leads. Learn more about the Customer Concierge Service and the flexibility it offers advisors or contact us for more information.

Investment Flexibility

Flexible investment solutions, designed with you in mind, allow various options when creating an offering that fits your client’s workforce - with no proprietary variable investments required, period. From stable value and managed accounts to target date investments and models to self-directed brokerage accounts, the available solutions help you meet employees varying needs on their path to a secure retirement.

  • A true stable value account with a competitive crediting rate
  • RetirementTrack, an innovative, multi-glidepath approach managed by industry pioneers that allows participants to choose a glidepath that fits their individual needs and objectives.
  • Personalized managed account solutions
  • Custom model interface
  • Enhanced flexibility with self-directed brokerage account solutions
  • Retirement income solutions
  • OnePath® Portfolios, a unique, multi-glidepath approach managed by industry pioneers, allows participants to choose a glidepath that fits their individual needs and objectives